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Houston Graffiti: 020514

HoustonGraffiti020514-6-6Today, @allicat246 and I went to shoot graffiti photography on St. Emanuel & Bell. The building we took pictures of The Meridian was once the ultimate Houston concert venue. David, the new project manager for CRANES was nice enough to give us a little history and a quick tour of the outside graffiti area. David and his partners are working on completely reworking the building art in hopes of turning it into a Houston landmark once again. Here are a few photographs from the quick excursion.

Nikon D800 // Lensbaby 80 // Natural light // HDR

Houston Photography 02/03/14


January in Houston, TX can have all four seasons spread out over 31 days. I’ve been having trouble getting out and shooting the past couple of weeks mostly from being lazy or not wanting to brave the wet and cold weather. I told myself yesterday that regardless of the weather or my mood, I’d go and shoot random photographs around town.

HoustonWalk-1048I ended up walking with @alicat246 to my local grocery store to get food for dinner. Along the walk to and from the grocery store, I worked on using my new Lensbaby Composer Pro with Edge 80 Optic. Over the years, I’ve worked with tilt-shift lenses. This Lensbaby is a whole different creature. Foregoing my trusty Nikon D3s, yesterday I decided to shoot with my Nikon D800 for a larger capture. The new lens was fun and felt like I was using a toy vs. a high end camera system. This toy feeling really liberated me from the need to frame and capture a printable shot with every click of the shutter. I can’t say that the images I took were remotely protographer level but they were fun to capture.

When I got home from the walk, I cooked up some spinach, mushrooms, onions, tofu and gluten free noodles into a mean wok dish. Go vegan lifestyle!