The Future

There is no limit to what you can create in Adobe Photoshop.

This artwork was created by using several different images. All of the images were manipulated to create the final artwork. If you like this type of work, please let me know and I’ll make more.

Book Cover Details
A lot of my design work is made in part by the graciousness of other talented artists. I am inspired and grateful by their talent and willingness to share their work with the internet.

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The Pendulum & Needle book cover

I’m a book lover. I’ve been collecting and reading books since I was in grade school.

This book cover was created for Suzanna Haige’s novel “The Pendulum and Needle”. Set during the cold war, Ryan Krenss has been assigned to Apsheronsk, a small city in the Soviet Union. Tasked to infiltrate the Second Ukrainian Front, Krenss must become Soviet.

This is the origin story that all of Haige’s fans have been asking for. Settle in with a hot tea and enjoy the мастер of suspense.

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