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Brutal Rust -- Brutal Rust is today's premier solution for rusted, corroded and water damaged faux finishes. Used by Theme parks, Movies, Haunted Attractions, and artists around the world, Brutal Rust has become the go to standard for rust and corrosion. --

In 2010, DesignByOne was asked to create a name and logo for a new company & product. The new product was Brutal Rust. Over the years, DesignByOne has created print advertisements, video advertisements, websites, set designs, artwork and social media campaigns for the faux finish company. This year (2018), DesignByOne created a new eCommerce website along with sales oriented social media campaigns for Brutal Rust.

DesignByOne is not only the creative team behind Brutal Rust's advertisement and marketing, we are also team members for all of the trade show design and prop design. This level of involvement allows DesignByOne to capture behind the scenes video as well as generate relevant and valuable information for all of Brutal Rust's customers and followers.

We are honored to be such a critical part of the Brutal Rust business.

Website: www.BrutalRust.com
Facebook: Brutal Rust

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