Martin Garrix is Martin Garrix

Number: 00001 – Name: Martin Garrix is Martin Garrix

[CMYK || Vector || Adobe Illustrator]

Martin Garrix, the man, the myth, is at the top of the EDM world. His kick ass music and stage dominance is a delicious slice of yellow cake with chocolate icing! [Damn good and I want some more]. If you’ve somehow missed out on the genius that is Martin Garrix, you can find his music on This art is strictly an exercise in Adobe goodness. If you like the art, send me a buck or two with the “Donate” button below and I’ll send you the full size version. Martin Garrix is Martin Garrix – another DB1 poster.

So you want the full size version? Cool! I want you to have it.

Go ahead and click that “donate” button. Pay what you think the art is worth and then fill out the form.

So what do you say? Ready to donate some bread and put me through college?
Isn’t that what adult dancers say?

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