Brutal Rust Collective

Brutal Rust Collective

I was hired by Haunt Force to create a product name and brand for a new type of special effects paint. The paint was going to be sold to the special effects industry as a quick rusting agent for any prop or set. Working with the CEO of Haunt Force, I came up with the name for the paint, Brutal Rust.

Having established a name, it was time to create the logo(s) associated with the brand as well as any promotional and marketing assets needed to promote the new product. I was available while the product was being tested and developed in order to get appropriate pictures. The photographs would be used in almost all of the branding and website development.

The paint can graphic and label were developed with the logo and photography I had acquired over the course of several months.

Brand Equity
The new brand of paint has been a huge success. Used in several major theme parks, haunted houses, special effects houses as well as other industries, the paint and brand have become an industry go-to for quick and reliable rust effects.

Here are a few images that I used to create the branding for Brutal Rust: GALLERY

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