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Martin Garrix is Martin Garrix

Number: 00001 – Name: Martin Garrix is Martin Garrix

[CMYK || Vector || Adobe Illustrator]

Martin Garrix, the man, the myth, is at the top of the EDM world. His kick ass music and stage dominance is a delicious slice of yellow cake with chocolate icing! [Damn good and I want some more]. If you’ve somehow missed out on the genius that is Martin Garrix, you can find his music on This art is strictly an exercise in Adobe goodness. If you like the art, send me a buck or two with the “Donate” button below and I’ll send you the full size version. Martin Garrix is Martin Garrix – another DB1 poster.

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A Soldier’s Judgment

A Soldier’s Judgment
Poster Rev:004 || Not Final Version

Time for design
Darren Tompkins, Executive Producer and Writer of A Soldier’s Judgment hired DesignByOne to design the movie poster for his short film.

A Soldier’s Judgment is a short film tackling the question every soldier throughout time has asked themselves:

“Do my actions today affect what will happen to me in the future? Even if those actions are demanded by king, country, or even God?”

A Solder’s Judgment is about the choices solders make and how memories, and even PTSD can guide their futures. A work of fiction, A Soldier’s Judgment has elements every veteran can identify with.

The Story:

Army veteran Jason is in a bar engaged in a conversation with Mark, the bartender, rehashing his duties to his country over the years. Mark is intently interested in what he has to say. The outcome will surprise you…

Darren is a 13 year veteran of the US Army and is holding a photo of himself on commissioning day at the University of South Carolina in 2003. Darren served in Korea, Guantanamo Bay, and The Balkans as an enlisted man before receiving a commission in Army Aviation. A Soldier’s Judgment came to him while simply driving his car around in Houston, Texas. He formed Command LLC to finance the production of ASJ as he knew the importance of the film and what it could mean to veterans.

To learn more about “A Soldier’s Judgment”, please visit the following websites:
A Soldier’s Judgment – Kickstarter
A Solder’s Judgment – Facebook

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