Bumble Peak logo

Number: 00016 – Name: Bumble Peak Logo [CMYK || Vector || Adobe Illustrator] Coming hard from Canada, the duo Bumble Peak is bringing their downlink synths to a club near you. Check their website for tour dates and venues. Bumble


00011 – Ratchet Wear logo

Number: 00011 – Name: Ratchet Wear Logo [CMYK || Vector || Adobe Illustrator] The new look for EDM ladies is Ratchet Wear. Tempting, Fresh, Sexy and Strong are the defining characteristics of the Ratchet Wear tops and leggings. Tell the

APEK – Remixed logo

Number: 00010 – Name: APEK – Logo Remix [CMYK || Vector || Adobe Illustrator] Hey Internet! Turn up your speakers and blast this track by Bassjackers vs Breathe Carolina & Apek. These three giants of EDM brought in the ever

Martin Garrix is Martin Garrix

Number: 00001 – Name: Martin Garrix is Martin Garrix [CMYK || Vector || Adobe Illustrator] Martin Garrix, the man, the myth, is at the top of the EDM world. His kick ass music and stage dominance is a delicious slice of yellow cake with chocolate icing! [Damn good and I want some more]. If you’ve


00008 – FIVE BUILDINGS logo

Number: 00008 – Name: FIVE BuILDINGS [CMYK || Vector || Adobe Illustrator] Danger and excitement rule the pre-game. Before a night out, you and the crew rush the DinYon Building for a quick roof top photo session. To celebrate, everyone

00005 – BOWTIE logo

Number: 00005 – Name: BOWTIE [CMYK || Vector || Adobe Illustrator] The bass is pounding. Fillings are falling out of everyone’s teeth. The crowd is jumping! BOWTIE has the stage!EDM, Trap, House, Bass, Dance… it’s what I love. It plays all day all night in my tiny studio. 🎧🤟🏽🙏   BOWTIE is another DB1 logo. So

00003 – OpTICKLE Logo

Number: 00003 – Name: OpTICKLE [CMYK || Vector || Adobe Illustrator] She’s got you in her sights! Her haunting vocals mixed with rib crushing drum and bass vibes will leave you hobbling for the bar. OpTICKLE is a set you

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